Promotion of Entrepreneurship Intention among Female Students in Pakistan by Utilizing the Perceived Support Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior

  • Muhammad Tahir
  • Dr.Khurshed Iqbal, 9343356
  • Dr.Aqsa Siddiq
  • Muhammad Farooq Jan, 9343356


Understanding factors which promote entrepreneurship among female is need of the day. In current study, we proposed and tested three mediating model where three aspects of support including educational, relational, and structural predicted entrepreneurship intention among female students mediated by attitude, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control. For this study, primary data is collected using the survey measure adapted from previous sources. Convenience sampling is used to collect data from female university students from selected universities in Pakistan (n=165). Our findings indicate that perceived educational support and perceived relational support have significant positive effects on the entrepreneurship intention among female university students. We did not find the support for the proposed mediating model. However, our findings indicate that perceived educational support have significant and positive influence on attitude and perceived behavioral control. Our findings thus highlight the role of educational support in promoting entrepreneurship intention among female students.
Keywords: Women Entrepreneurship, Educational Support, Relational Support, Structural Support.