Effect of Employees Training, Employees Motivation, Employees Development on Employees Retention

  • Ayesha Fatima MS Sholar Iqra National University
  • Shazeb Anwar Lecturer Iqra National University


This research is conducted on the basis of studying the effect of employee’s retention in private universities of Peshawar, Pakistan taking the focus on the case of iqra national university as center point the word retention stands for the ability of an organization to retain their employees and to safe their good quality employees so in order to study why employees working in the organization leave the organization after small period of time which is the basic problem that is face by many organizations in Pakistan and seeing why employees are leaving the organization after specific period of time is our basic concern. For studying the problem first it was decided to create a questionnaire after reading different articles about effect of employees retention and finally the questionnaire consist of closed ended question is designed and circulated among the employee’s the results are studied and run on the software spss20 that is statistical packages for social sciences, Eview8 and STATA through which following results are calculate shows that Employees Retention has significant results with Employees Training and has inverse relation and it shows insignificant result with Employees Motivation and insignificant with Employees Development. Shows that the problem can be overcome by increasing the Motivation and Development factor of employees so that the good quality employees will retain their in the organization and perform well.

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