The mission of the Journal of Management Research is to provide a forum for researchers to understand the growing involvement of regional issues in management sciences within the large context of globalization and international business arena.

A bridged Statement of Editorial Policies

The submission of a paper to Journal of Management research for review means that the author certifies that the manuscript is not copyrighted, nor has it been accepted for publication (or published) by any peer-reviewed journal, nor is it being reviewed elsewhere. If the paper (or any version of it) has appeared or will appear in a non-peer-reviewed publication, the details of such publication must be made known to the editor-in-chief or editor at the time of submission so that the suitability of the paper for Journal of Management Research can be assessed. As a rule, Journal of Management Research does not invite resubmissions of rejected manuscripts. If a submitted manuscript is based on a paper previously rejected by Journal of JMR, it is the responsibility of the author(s) to reveal this in the submission cover letter and to state clearly why resubmission is justified. Failure to do this is a violation of our ethical guidelines. As a condition of final acceptance of a paper for publication in Journal of JMR, the author(s) must indicate if their paper is posted on a working paper website other than their own. They are responsible for assuring that, if any part of the paper has been copyrighted for prepublication as a working paper, the copyright can and will be transferred to INFORMS when the paper has been accepted. This includes both print and electronic forms of the paper. Authors may post their working papers on websites after acceptance and prior to publication, as long as the sites are not copyrighted and do not serve as formal depositories.